Hi! We are two sisters, aged 16 and 12. We really love reading. And we love science.

We’re on a mission to inspire girls about cutting-edge science and technology, like artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and robotics.

Girls’ interest in science peaks before 12, and declines after that. Science programs and camps tend to focus on teenagers. There aren’t many books out there for younger girls interested in science.

So we wrote a series of adventure books featuring girls exploring the amazing world of science and technology. The books feature diverse characters with “girl power” attitudes. Narrative fiction is easily accessible to girls no matter where they live. It engages their imagination in an inclusive way, and catalyzes their interest via the “near peer” effect.

The books are free for anyone to download. Go ahead!

Or, if you would like to explore working with us to incorporate these books as part of your science outreach curriculum, please get in touch!

What our readers say

I loved how Mia learns to do quantum teleportation!

Anita (age 9)

Robots are cool.

Grace (age 7)

Jada made me want to learn more about Artificial Intelligence!

Emily (age 11)

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